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A separate and secure microscope room is used for the unloading of irradiated samples and radioactive storage.

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We also have a chemical workspace for heavy liquid separation and Frantz magnetic separation. M., and Johnson, K., 2017, Field evidence for the control of grain size and sediment supply on steady-state bedrock river channel slopes in a tectonically active setting: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 42(14), p.

The sample preparation facilities include a series of microscopes to allow the inspection of mineral separates, sample picking, and loading of the irradiation packets.

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The USGS Ar laboratory currently operates two mass spectrometers, a single collector Mass Analyser Products 215-50 mass spectrometer and a multiple collector Thermo Fisher Scientific ARGUSVI mass spectrometer; a Thermo Scientific HELIX-MC mass spectrometer is scheduled for installation in 2016.

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